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Every person who signs up must verify their email, and the site is full of expert safety tips to follow both when you’re talking with a match online and meeting in real life.Zoosk was one of the first dating sites to integrate with social networks like Facebook, making it easier to confirm if the person you were talking to is real.

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Although I’m a very independent, hardworking and confident woman, I do appreciate a guy who is mature, but can still be silly with me and can make me feel like a princess.

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No I don’t mean spoiling me rotten with materialistic things all the time ;), but instead with cute gestures, like surprising me with flowers or my fave, chocolate strawberries or even taking me out on a fun date!

Boys, remember we’re very different from most regular girls because we’re so unique and more mature then most, and although we do like our movie nights in with you, we greatly appreciate it when you put a lot of thought into making a date different than the rest.


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