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Low or marginal health literacy affect nearly 90 million citizens in the United States, compromising health outcomes, including oral health.

Oral health literacy has been studied in diverse populations, yet the assessments used were developed and validated for English-speaking populations.

Somewhere within that web of bouncing light lies the creativity and agency of the translator, as well.

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of ALTA, an opportunity to celebrate our enduring commitment to literary translation, and to ponder the changes in the environment of our practice and discipline.

Our theme of REFLECTIONS/REFRACTIONS proposes many avenues of thought: How can translations channel, transmit, or alter the expressive capacities of language?

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Dubs's translation lacked a published glossary of titles, but a list of titles used by Dubs was compiled by Rafe de Crespigny and published in 1967.

This interactive, two-part activity and discussion helps to lay the foundation for deeper thinking about these ideas later on.

Watch the video above to get an overview, and use the detailed lesson plan below to lead this professional development activity for your team of educators.

A translation-back-translation process was applied to the English version of the REALD-30.

Face and content validity were established using a panel of dental and health literacy experts.


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