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We seek to set the standard as a good neighbor, a valued community partner, a caring environmental steward and a model employer. We take this to heart and apply it to everyone who has a stake in our success – investors, employees and neighbors alike. We continually work to improve the way we operate, and that includes communication.

As always, we want to speak clearly and directly to each and every stakeholder with an interest in what we’re doing.

Some of the new apps out there might be worthwhile. Who Now The app’s pitch: “Who Now helps daters share photos and stories about the people they are dating in a fast and private app.

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This app reminds me of Solo-ish contributor Darby Baham’s sage advice: When making up your mind about a love interest, sometimes it’s best to ignore your friends. Flyp This app generates fake phone numbers that forward calls to your real phone number, for all your conversations with prospects. If that’s the case, why not just create a Google Voice number for your dating life? Salad Match What’s sadder than eating a sad desk salad? The app’s pitch: “Just Salad, a healthy NYC based restaurant concept recognized for its socially responsible reusable bowls, healthy menu, and vast array of unique and tasty toppings, realized that their customers really hit it off while waiting in line.However, what we can guarantee is that we are aware of our responsibility and that we are working to make a difference. Therefore, we would rather prefer to help our suppliers change their conduct rather than ending our partnership with immediate effect if we were to encounter any problems.Thus, we cannot guarantee that there are no areas in which a supplier should improve.We believe that through training within the supply chain and working with our suppliers and other partners, we can influence attitudes and working procedures.It is precisely because of the complexity of the CSR work that it is difficult to issue any guarantees.As Asia’s leader in logistics services, Kerry Logistics has stepped up to the challenge in all areas of corporate responsibility.


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