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Susan Ferency Saturday, 8/26, 3-5pm = Annual Meeting, Election of Officiers. We need enough members to attend the election in order to have a quorum.

Monday, 8/28 = From Suffering to Liberation - The Way of the Buddha - Rev.

Spiritualism has now come, offering to fortify faith with knowledge. Sweezey and wife, and Attorney Adam Stockinger and family. Also they learned that many circles for the development and education of mediums were being held in private homes.

In this age of scientific investigation and enlightenment, it is imperative that we learn what Spiritualism is, what it means, and what its mission. A course of reading for spiritual education and development was followed, private home circles were formed and a medium for public message work developed. That this home circle work still prevails in Indiana is evidenced by the book of Mrs.

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The phenomena of Spiritualism were known to the ancient world. Upon their report, a 34-acre tract on the banks of White river at Chesterfield, Indiana, was purchased of Carl Bronenberg. "Medium" is the word now used to designate such workers. Warne, president of the National Spiritualist Association; also graduates of the Morris Pratt Institute,—the first institution of learning established under the auspices of Spiritualism,—were prominent workers in Indiana.

The literature of India, Egypt and China is permeated with spiritual truths. Of those who helped to prepare the camp ground for the first meeting in 1892, and who served officially, were Carl and Henry Bronenberg, of Chesterfield; Thomas Bronenberg, Anderson; and John Bronenberg, Versailles, Indiana. The home circle is the school where spirit teachers train mediums. The public workers of the present day are numerous.

Full website terms and conditions can Westcliff National Spiritualist Church was originally founded in 1906 and due to the hard work and dedication of its members, over the years, it has gone from strength to strength.Famously declaring himself a spiritualist and dedicating his life to its cause.Ann will explore his early life in Edinburgh, before he was famous, and explores the early stirrings of a lifelong interest.The Niantic-based camp offers Temple Services, Message Circles, a wide range of interesting workshops, plus a weekly medium who can do personal readings by appointment. Susan has studied with many very knowledgable teachers and provides this knowledge in her workshops. She is a Ordained Minister, Certified Medium, and a NST with the NSAC.Ultimately, she will explain why the centre bears his name.


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