Updating knotty pine

There's no question that this kitchen needs updating.Some of the issues: • The floor is covered with old carpet, which even runs up the toe-kicks of the cabinets.Well, it turns out our readers share our sensibility that , because there was resounding consensus. Also we didn’t want to move the furniture out because that would require moving it down the stairs, so we were constantly just pushing the bed back and forth depending on where we needed to be, and the sloped ceiling meant we were perpetually crouching. This was actually pretty quick because I started by peeling off the visibly loose pieces: And then saying “to hell with this, we’re painting right over the rest of it!Oh but before we had the privilege of painting, we had to prep. ” If you are looking for pro painting tips, you should leave this blog now. We used three tubes of caulk because as with the rest of the house, our seller apparently had never heard of caulk and there were weird seams everywhere, including along every single piece of that board-and-batten. Here’s a grainy iphone picture side-by-side of before and after caulking just a few of the seams: Priming was also a bit of an adventure, since I made a trip to Home Depot to procure all our supplies and then when I got home realized that the full can of primer I had at home that I’d been planning to use was .• The shelves in the cabinets are not in good shape.

• The stove is in a slightly awkward location, and the oven is quite small.When I think of knotty pine - two visions come to mind.Light natural knotty pine or Alder and then shellacked dark knotty pine. I am not sure which you have, so I will give you an answer for both. I have serious, serious issues with my imagination and my brain in general. Probably I could walk to China and still have time to get my hair cut and highlighted.In a nutshell (a small one, like a hazelnut) I planned on redecorating and painting my house in the spring, moved the task to the fall and now have precisely 10 days to get everything done before I host Thanksgiving. I got to work on the trim right away but it ended up taking me over a week to do because I’m having to squish it in after work.A stone tile backsplash would complement the pine and black counter top as it has a mix of natural colors – not just one flat color.


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